Several years ago, we were approached by a company from the Czech Republic that had a problem with an engine controller. After a long process of testing and research, we did not find a solution. At the time, we did not yet know that the controller belonged to a rally car. All tests showed that there should be no impediment to operation. After another information about the malfunction, our technical director, Bartosz Wo藕nikowski, decided to go to the site. It turned out that the car was heavily modified, especially in terms of the electrical system, and was not used for ordinary transportation, but for rallying. The director returned to Poland with the controller and we reprogrammed it on the spot. It turned out to be a great success. The car fired up. Bartosz was then offered to join the FeshFesh Dakar team. The cooperation continues to this day. Behind us are several prestigious rallies, and ahead of us probably even more. This experience, helps us a lot in developing software for trucks that run in normal road transport.


The author of most of the photos is our technical director Bartosz Wo藕nikowski. Some of them are taken by the FESH FESH group. All of them are covered by copyright.

Dakar 2024

Rallye du Maroc 2023

Dakar 2023

Dakar 2022


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