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To see the whole picture of Techtir we must refer to the operation of Techline. It has been in existence for 19 years and was involved in electronics in the broadest sense, to focus on cars after a while.
A big contribution to the development of Techline was the operation of an auto repair shop, which dealt with electronics, electrics and auto mechanics. In order to fully understand the operation of cars, it was necessary to figure out how the software of the controllers behaves in this whole puzzle.

Working with software
That’s how a department of programmers was created, which used all its previous experience to create software for the controllers. It took us hundreds of hours to arrive at how the car’s computer “thinks” and what it translates into its performance. We spent that time on the dynamometer, studying how software, electronics, electrics and mechanics affect each other. We made many modifications related to the operation of the transmission, changing the way the car is used or the suspension system. We learned many lessons from this experience.
After some time, the department involved in creating software modifications grew so much that we separated as Techtir for mutual development.

Techtir Racing
For Bartosz Woźnikowski (owner of Techline and president of Techtir), the research and development and educational aspects have always been important. This direction makes it possible for our solutions to be more and more ecological and economical. Since 2022, our solutions have been used in trucks racing the world’s biggest rallies. The Dakar Rally proved to be a special subject of study for us, for which we were invited by the Czech company FeshFesh, which creates the mechanical part of the solutions. In 2023, 3 trucks using our solution took part in this prestigious rally, and one of our trucks with the Vratny, Boba, Martinec team ended the year with the title of W2RC world vice-champion.


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